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Cash for Keys

by Justin Willard

Cash for Keys

Recently our number of Cash for Keys assignments in Pembroke Pines and Southwest Broward County has increased significantly. So, I thought I would write a quick blog post to explain what cash for keys is and how the process works. 

Cash for Keys, or Relocation Assistance Money, is a tool that many REO Asset Managers utilize to incentivize the occupants to vacate the premises. Most of the time, this occurs after a home has been foreclosed on or acquired by the bank through some other means.  The process usually begins with the Realtor representing the asset management company or bank going to the home and posting a notice to the occupants.  The goal is to have the occupants contact the Realtor and make arrangements to meet and discuss a move out timeline.  During the meeting, the Realtor may offer a cash incentive, "Cash for Keys", to the occupant to move out by a specific date.  Once the Realtor and the occupant come to an agreement, a "Move Out Agreement" or contract is formulated and signed by both parties.  The agreement stipulates the timeline as well as all other conditions for the turnover of the property. Common conditions include leaving the home free of debris and personal property and in broom swept condition. The keys to the home must also be turned over to the Realtor in order to consummate the deal. 

On the day of move, out the Realtor will return to the home and inspect the property to determine if the occupant has complied with the contractual terms. If so, the Realtor provides the occupant with a cashiers check for the agreed upon amount and the occupant signs off that they received the check.  From that point forward the Realtor secures the property and notifies the bank.

If you would like to know how you can avoid foreclosure in Pembroke Pines, click on the following link:  



Pembroke Falls Market Updated - July 4, 2010

by Justin Willard

Pembroke Falls Homes For Sale Report

There are currently 39 homes for sale in Pembroke Falls

There are 9, three bedroom homes ranging in size from 1,616 sq. ft to 2,629 sq. ft. and are priced from $275,000 to $388,500. 

There are 25, four bedroom homes ranging in size from 1,914 sq. ft to 4,857 sq. ft. and are priced from $275,300 to $799,900. 

There are 5, five bedroom homes ranging in size from 2,758 sq. ft. to 3,475 sq. ft. and are priced from $359,000 to $699,000.

Pembroke Falls Recent Sales Report

There have been 5 sales in Pembroke Falls within the last 30 days.

Of the 5 sales 1 was a three bedroom home and 4 were four bedroom homes.

The 3 bedroom home located on 19th Street was a Rosewood model having 2,009 sq. ft. and sold for $299,000.

The first 4 bedroom home located on 133rd Avenue was an Eldorado model having 1,800 sq. ft. and sold for $280,000. The second located on 144th Ave was a Malibu model having 2,339 sq. ft. and sold for $300,000. The third 4 bedroom home located on 19th Street was an Esplanade model having 2,598 sq. ft. and sold for $355,000.  The fourth 4 bedroom home located on 16th Court was also an Esplanade model having 2,598 sq. ft. and sold for $360,000. 

The Willard Realty Team has uploaded the floor plans for the most popular model homes in Pembroke Falls to our website: You can also view the floor plans of the model discussed in this blog by clicking on the highlighted model names. 

We thank you for joining us for another edition of the Pembroke Falls Real Estate Update and wish you a very happy Fourth of July!

A Pembroke Falls Fourth of July

by Justin Willard

The Fourth of July at Pembroke Falls in Pembroke Pines, Florida

On Sunday, July 4, 2010, the community of Pembroke Falls, located in Pembroke Pines, Florida, held its annual Independence Day Celebration.  The event took place at the Pembroke Falls Clubhouse Park located to the east of the Recreation Center next to the basketball courts. The celebration occurred from 1pm to 3pm and was a smashing hit with residents, families, children and guests.  There was something for everyone at the party.  Children had the opportunity to slide down giant inflatable slides, ride a mechanical train around the park, jump and play in the bounce house, take a spin on the twirling teacup ride, try to soak their favorite Athletic Director in the dunk tank, test their skills at traditional carnival games such as the water balloon toss, football toss, and pitching games.  The adults joined in the fun by conversing with neighbors and guests and supervising the little ones.  They all gobbled up the hot dogs, ice cream, and candy that was available for sale while listening to the classic oldies being spun by the DJ.  The sun was shining during the event and people were soaking it up. After enjoying the festivities, the participants headed over to the Recreation Center for a dip in the refreshing pool.  This is just another example of why Pembroke Falls is one of the best places to live in South West Broward County, Florida.

If you are interested in becoming one of the new members of the Pembroke Falls Family click on 

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